Fear-based decisions

In my everyday life, I work as an accountant, and the past few weeks have been the busiest weeks of the year.
During this period I saw how important it is to work with people you can count on. I did have people I can count on in the company I work for, but I couldn’t count on the person who works for me. We’ve been working together for about eight months and I kept hoping that things will get better.
The thought of starting from the beginning with someone new made me feel overwhelmed, unsure, and I kept avoiding to let her go.
But it’s a fear based decision.

Fear-based decisions are the worst kinds.
They keep you stuck in a situation that you see no improvement of, that does have a way out, but you don’t get out of it because of an imagined possible worst case scenario.
In most cases, the things that you imagine and keep you stuck will never happen. They only exist in your head.
The french philosopher Michel Montagne ironically said:

My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.

It’s the same thing with fear based decisions.
The reality is sweeter than our scary dreams. Things are much simpler and have a better ending than what we fear might happen. All we need to do is take the steps to resolve them, one by one.

2 Replies to “Fear-based decisions”

  1. Oh this is so true! I make fear based decisions way too often. Usually the kind where I just don’t do something, fearing it may turn out bad (or really good, fear of success is a thing too). This is a good reminder, thank you! 🙂

  2. Glad the article was useful, Mervi. And thank you for commenting.
    It’s good to be aware of our patterns.
    I recognize in myself a pattern of choosing the “safe” path …

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