If I knew

If I knew what it’s like to have a blog, I would’ve started earlier.

If I knew … I would’ve …

It looks like this is one of the memes of my life.

If I knew it wasn’t such a disaster to leave, and that I could (and did) survive very well, I would have left earlier.
If I knew it wasn’t that hard, I would have started earlier.
If I knew it wasn’t that easy and that it’d take some time to get used to it, I would have started earlier. And I’d have been further along the way by now.

You can always stop if you don’t like something. But you can never go back in time to start earlier.

2 Replies to “If I knew”

  1. A sweet reflection on learning, and perspective! I so appreciate your honesty here too.

    Beautiful – now with this awareness we have a choice on how to live right here and now 🙂

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