Technology scary thrills and other fears

Gmail has just given me a scary thrill. They locked me out of my account. They say normally it’s going to be resolved in one hour, very rarely the problem will last up to 24 hours.
Let’s pray and hope it is so.
This never happened to me before.
I suspect it is an application I’ve tried to use with google, the application is called zapier, it can trigger automatic emails and this is what I was trying to do, to have an automatic email sent to someone who books an appointment in my calendar.
And since I have an hour to spare until I wait to see if Gmail gives me my email account back, I thought of writing a blog post, on my blog which I’ve been avoiding lately like … Ok, maybe not avoiding it like it has some kind of disease or something, but at least trying to ignore …
The reason … I don’t know exactly. Or maybe I do. Actually, there are two.
Indecision about if I should find a “niche” for my blog or not if I should blog with a purpose or not. I don’t want to focus and I don’t want a niche. I’ve done a course on blogging from the heart and there was an idea with I liked a lot: your blog is the magazine of you. Love this idea, and this is what I want my blog to be: the magazine of me. It focuses on what I’m interested in, and I’ve written the main things I’m interested in on my about page. Just reread it and the three bullet points on my about page encompass exactly my main interests.
The second reason is that I have this fear of having people who know me in real life read my blog. And since I’ve already started this blog post talking about weird applications, I’ll add another one: Instagram. I created a separate account for my blog, with a link to this website on my profile. And guess what, people who know me in real life keep requesting to follow me. I suspect the application is reading my contacts on my private facebook account. No idea how it does this since it’s a totally different email. Or it might read information on my phone. Even from other applications. The world we live in … can’t keep something from anyone. You start a private blog, (highlight on private) and your acquaintances are prompted by social media to visit it. I know, if I want something private, I shouldn’t publish it on the internet. It’s true, but the truth is, I do want people to read my blog, but not the people who know me.
And the third reason why I haven’t posted … Oh, did I say there were just two reasons? Well, no, there were actually three and the third one, the one I didn’t want to talk about might actually be the true one: I didn’t take pictures of those traditional brooches that are given to women on the 1st and 8th of March, as I promised in my post on the 1st of March.
And in the meantime of writing this long post, probably my longest post by now, Gmail has granted me access to my email account. Thank God, thank gmail and let’s hope it won’t happen again.

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