The Universe … meaning?

I keep hearing people speak of “the Universe.” Especially in the personal development and new age or eastern religions community.

It’s a trend that’s been going on for a few years. And I’ve got the impression that it spread just like any other classical trend. I don’t think that separate people would have come with the same idea and then they met and realized they are using the same word. People heard it from other people, and they thought it’s a cool word to use. And it kind of is, right?

But what do they mean by the Universe? I believe that they are referring to God. And here’s why.

If you believe that the Universe has intentions and has a mind of its own, let’s be honest and real here, you are in fact speaking of a Being, not of the universe itself. You are actually talking about the Intelligence who created the universe.

The universe does not have a mind of its own; it is matter and energy. Yes, it’s marvelous and amazing. So amazing that it could not have come into existence without intelligence and intention. But these are attributes of a Being.

So, in my view, all that people who speak of “the Universe” are doing is just calling God, the Universe.

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  1. haha. Great post. I totally agree with you, both in that people are referring to God as the “Universe” and that the universe is not actually a “being”. But anyway… People will do what they do, I guess.

    With Love,

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